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Frequently asked questions

Most of our chargers are installed in free parking lots, however double check with the local parking lot operator to make sure.

Log in to the mobile app (Android or iOS), search for the correct location, choose the connector that is plugged into your EV, start charging by selecting the “Start charging” button.

To finish charging: select the “Finish charging” button in the ChargeEuropa app. Then disconnect the cable from the car and plug it back into the charger holder.

The operating hours for the charger are available on the app. Just look up your desired charging location. As as rule of thumb, if your local grocery store is open, then our charger should be operational as well!

Standard Level 2 ChargeEuropa station charging speeds vary by location from 11kW-22kW per connector.

Sorry, this type of function is not yet possible with our network. However you are able to check charger availability via our app

We know it’s frustrating when someone leaves their EV next to a charger after it’s finished charging, or even worse – a non-EV parks in an EV charging spot. Please report any parking violations to property administration.