Rock Capital teams with ChargeEuropa to provide EV Charging across Retail Parks

Nation-wide retail park developer selects ChargeEuropa as EV charging partner for commercial property portfolio.

POZNAN, POLAND, March 6th 2023 – ChargeEuropa, an EV charging network operator announced a partnership with RockCapital, a leading Polish retail park developer, to install EV charging stations at 9 prime locations across Poland.

At RockCapital, we create long-term value for shoppers and retailers while establishing clean and vibrant local communities,” said Michał Osadczuk, RockCapital CEO. “Our partnership with ChargeEuropa will provide shoppers with a high-value service and attract new, loyal customers for our tenants.

EV drivers visiting retail parks can spend their time productively while charging their car. Most retail parks offer many if not all the conveniences of a small town wrapped into one parking lot – drug stores, groceries, clothing, and convenience stores, so that you can get things done while charging up.

The integration of large, 65” touchscreens in our EV chargers lets us generate revenue from our media partners – this means we can grow our network across the country, even in areas with low-EV adoption rates,” says Euan Wheatley, COO of ChargeEuropa. “Our screens let us build out charging infrastructure in areas that need it the most.”

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Drawing High-Income Shoppers

EV drivers tend to have higher incomes on average and are generally loyal to locations where they can charge. Adding EV charging to a retail park is an effective way of attracting repeat shoppers that spend more.

EV charging also keeps shoppers around for longer – a recent case study revealed that the longer drivers stay, the more they spend. By adding EV charging, the retailer tripled dwell time in their stores and as a result, tripled customer spend.

Get on the map

By partnering with ChargeEuropa, retail parks are much more visible to EV drivers across the country” says Matt Tymowski, CEO of ChargeEuropa. “EV drivers rely on apps like PlugShare to quickly find places to charge in their communities. Because EV drivers tend to charge their cars where they can shop or run errands, having charging could convince drivers to choose your site versus a competitor.”

About RockCapital

RockCapital is a Polish commercial real estate developer with a focus on retail parks. RockCapital handle the entire investment process turn-key, through identifying attractive locations, commercialization of space, up to the construction and commissioning of completed facilities. They create investments under the RockPark brand, whose clients are renowned retail chains, both global and local.

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