Piaseczno Partners With ChargeEuropa to Provide EV Charging Infrastructure at Zero-Cost to Community

The collaboration showcases ChargeEuropa’s unique ability to facilitate clean transportation for urban communities at zero-cost to the taxpayer.

POZNAN, POLAND, February 13th 2023 – ChargeEuropa, a Poland-based CPO focused on urban EV charging announced a partnership with Piaseczno County to install an EV charging station near town hall for citizens and visitors. The pilot project will serve to demonstrate how a charging network can be efficiently deployed to facilitate clean transportation inside densely populated urban areas, maximizing socio-economic benefits for the community.

By integrating 65” touchscreens with their stations, ChargeEuropa generate DOOH revenue the moment the chargers are turned on – this strategy offsets the expensive costs associated with installing and operating public EV charging networks. Traditionally, communities must wait for a sufficient amount of EV drivers to justify charger installations. ChargeEuropa install charging stations first – acting as a catalyst for EV adoption and lower the major barriers to EV ownership.

By partnering with communities like Piaseczno, residents exploring the idea of switching to an EV will now find it easier to do so knowing that charging infrastructure is being developed in their area. “A public and universal EV charging network is a vital part of our plan to improve air quality and low carbon emissions,” said Ksawery Gut, Mayor of Piaseczno. “As Piaseczno County, we will be able to determine and evaluate the best way to make it possible for our residents to be within a ten-minute walk of a charger. We look forward to working together with ChargeEuropa on building out a network in our community, that will have zero impact on our annual budget.”

“Over 60% of Poles live in urban areas, many of them lack access to at-home EV charging. Providing universally accessible public EV charging in multi-family home areas is critical to facilitating wide-spread clean transportation,” said Mikołaj Moszyński, Business Development Manager at ChargeEuropa. “We are proud to partner with the forward-thinking Town of Piaseczno for this critical service, and at zero-cost to the taxpayer.”

About ChargeEuropa:

ChargeEuropa is a European-based EV charging network operator.  They partner with brands to offer cost-free EV charging for property owners and provide a powerful DOOH platform for advertisers.  ChargeEuropa solutions are used by cities as a cost-free solution to build out critical EV charging infrastructure for large-scale electrification.

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