Netflix join forces with ChargeEuropa for EV charging pilot launch

POZNAN, POLAND, July 20, 2022 – ChargeEuropa, an EV charging network operator has teamed up with Netflix to promote their summer hit film “Grey Man” alongside the launch of their pilot network in Warsaw. The campaign utilized the full potential of the powerful, interactive DOOH platform to create eye-catching content.

ChargeEuropa’s EV charging stations feature 65” touchscreens that are used by brands to deliver powerful messages to anyone walking past the stations in busy parking lots throughout the city. “Digital displays allow brands like Netflix to promote new and relevant material on a daily basis with zero-waste” says Matt Tymowski, ChargeEuropa CEO. “In addition, the content is dynamic – which means that campaigns can take the form of a short video or animation, as if you were getting a glimpse into one of their shows”.

The ChargeEuropa network represents a marketplace for brands looking to sponsor free, clean EV charging. ChargeEuropa builds and installs destination charging infrastructure at popular locations where people shop, eat or work and partners with brands like Netflix to cover the cost of providing the power for free. “DOOH is a strong and growing industry that allows us to grow EV charging in areas that need it the most” says Euan Wheatley, COO of ChargeEuropa. “Our network is perfectly aligned with Netflix’s sustainability goals – which is why we decided to announce the launch of our network together with this campaign”.

Following the announcement, all stations in the ChargeEuropa network will go online and become free to use. “This launch marks the completion of our first step in developing our network in Poland” says Matt. “By partnering with large, international brands like Netflix – we have demonstrated that there a strong demand for DOOH EV charging stations in urban-focused advertising campaigns”.

ChargeEuropa is a European-based EV charging network operator. They partner with brands to offer cost-free EV charging for property owners and provide a powerful DOOH platform for advertisers. ChargeEuropa solutions are used by cities as a cost-free solution to build out critical EV charging infrastructure for large-scale electrification. You can learn more at

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