ChargeEuropa to provide paid-EV charging services at select locations

With the ChargeEuropa pilot project wrapping up, many locations are choosing to offer paid charging for their visitors moving forward.

POZNAN, POLAND, August 7th 2023 – ChargeEuropa, a Poland-based CPO focused on urban EV charging, has successfully completed their pilot project after having launched last summer in the City of Warsaw. “We wanted to prove that brands are willing to support urban EV charging networks and that locations are interested in hosting our stations.” says Matt Tymowski, CEO of ChargeEuropa. “We are proud to say that after one full year of operation, we have been able to achieve that goal.”

During the pilot project, the chargers were free to use and intended to promote electric vehicle ownership. “Driving electric should be a positive experience, we wanted to do that by offering a free amenity to our users” says Matt. With the pilot project complete, several sites will be offering paid EV charging moving forward. “One of the most common ways to mitigate drivers that block a station long after they have charged up, is to make the station paid” says Euan Wheatley, COO of ChargeEuropa.

A common issue with free stations is that rotation numbers are low due to plugged in drivers not being financially motivated to “get off the plug” and let another driver connect. With paid charging, users are incentivized to “charge what they need” and then move along to provide access to the next driver looking top-up.

Growing energy prices and an increasing demand for EV charging also means that paid EV charging is a natural transition for CPOs looking to scale their network in the future. “Properties want a piece of that rapidly growing pie” says Euan. “The EV charging service industry is expected to grow to over $100B by 2030, it’s only natural to see commercial real-estate players strategically position themselves to tap into that market in the future”.


About ChargeEuropa:

ChargeEuropa is a European-based EV charging network operator.  They partner with brands to offer cost-free EV charging for property owners and provide a powerful DOOH platform for advertisers.  ChargeEuropa solutions are used by cities as a cost-free solution to build out critical EV charging infrastructure for large-scale electrification.

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