ChargeEuropa enters Croatian market

ChargeEuropa has announced the location of their first EV charger in Croatia. They have partnered with the municipality of Velika Gorica, 5 km outside of Zagreb, to install a dual 22 kW AC charger for public use. The number of EV’s on Croatia’s roads is relatively low, but this is forecasted to increase quickly. As a result, there is a massive demand for infrastructure across the country. New legislation has been introduced to increase charger numbers, for example with requirements that new buildings have pre-installations of EV chargers. However, innovative solutions need to be found in order to meet the forecasted required charging infrastructure.

With ChargeEuropa’s media chargers, this infrastructure can be deployed in a manner that is most advantageous to citizens – for free! With their first installation outside of Poland, ChargeEuropa are starting to live up to their name. “While there are certain logistical challenges involved in deploying EV chargers over 1000km from our home office, our mission is to introduce free EV charging across Europe” explains Matt Tymowski, CEO of Charge Europa. “With strategic partnerships we are able to scale globally and enter multiple markets simultaneously”.

One key issue with regards to EV charging infrastructure is the need for public charging spaces. The majority of EV chargers are deployed either at home, or at public-private locations (e.g. supermarket car park). Velika Gorica has granted permission for the installation at one of their public car parks, which ensures access to their residents. The close proximity to McDonald’s also means that drivers can grab a bite to eat while they charge. In his statement, Krešimir Ačkar, the Mayor of Velika Gorica said “We warmly welcome ChargeEuropa in Croatia, we hope to develop future projects aimed at increasing energy efficiently and thus improving the quality of life of citizens.”

Download the ChargeEuropa app on the Apple Store or Google Play and start charging now!

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